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Sleight of Hand

Now you see it, now you don't. Of course.

Kuroba Kaito
21 June 1988
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This is a roleplay community blog for Kuroba Kaito played by Hyperchef. (Don't know how to link)

HI! My name is Kuroba Kaito. I'm a magician. ^_______________^ Ph33r me, and all that jazz.

I have to apologise, I don't do public shows. And for any kaitou fanciers out there *coughHakubacough* I am NOT Kaitou KID!



Character's Name: Kuroba Kaito / Kaito KID
Character's Sex: Male
Character's Age: 19
A brief background of the character: Kaito grew up in a magic family. His father was a famous magician called Kuroba Toichi and taught him almost everything he knew. This included sleight of hand, disguise, and the extremely helpful Poker Face. Unfortunately his father died when he was nine, leaving him with just his mom.

Eight years after, Kaito discovered a secret his father kept closely guarded. He had been the elusive international thief 1412, otherwise known as KID. However, a dark gang killed him because he got too close to their target. Kaito then decided to find what the organization was after He ttook up his father's mantle in the hopes of drawing them out. Through this he learned the organisation were after a jewel called Pandora.

Pandora is rumored to be a red jewel inside of another jewel. When a 10,000 year comet flies overhead if Pandora is raised to the moon it will cry tears of immortality. Whoever drinks the elixir will have eternal life. Kaito vowed to find Pandora and destroy but so far he's had no luck.

Through being Kaitou KID, Kaito has gained some friends he wouldn't change for the world. Nakamori Aoko, who has been like a sister to him since they were young; Hakuba Saguru, a detective who knows he's KID but can't prove it; Edogawa Conan, a young pipsqueak detective who wants to know who he is but can't catch him long enough to find out (he doesn't know Kaito, only KID); and Akako, a young black sorceress that has decided to protect Kaito/KID because he's the only man (supposedly) to not be affected by her magic.

Two years afterwards, Kaito is still the same as always, keeping his friends entertained while hiding his own dark secrets. Now that he finally completed high school, he's forced to find his own way of living and hopes his luck doesn't run out.

Kaito is an extremely flexible and fit individual with expert skill in disguises, providing he has the materials, and sleight of hand. He can also mimic any voice he hears with minimal fuss.

He likes playing games, and flying, as well as showing off. He doesn't like people making money off his name or keeping anything he's ever stolen. Above all, however, he does not cause harm to others. Kaito even goes so far as to risk his own life to save people.

How your character got to Port Mango: Kaito had been sent out on a heist when he got chased by the gang after his life. His hang glider had been blown overseas where the winds kept pulling him away from land. He crashed into the sea. Edogawa Conan was the last person he saw before he hit the water.

When he woke up, he regretfully found out he had no idea where he was. His glider had been torn off his back and his card gun and top-hat were gone. The only thing he had, since the normal suit he wore was in need of repair, was his KID monocle and cape.